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Historea: Seysha's Revolution is a Massively Branching Story Game, in which your choices actually matter. In its center is Seysha - a young woman in the middle of a budding revolution. Her own fight, however, is of a somewhat more personal nature. Her parents want to marry her off to someone she has never met, and it is up to the player to decide if she goes along with it, or if she takes control of her own destiny and leaves. If so, will she join the army, the rebels, or board a ship?

As for interaction and gameplay, the game is very simple. You get text to read, and then a number of alternatives as to what happens next. It is almost as much an interactive book as a game, with the story being front-and-center. It's perfect for you who have read all the books in Skyrim, as well as you who might be new to games but never leave home without their Kindle. However, it goes far beyond a traditional book in terms of experience, since the story comes to life with beautiful art, music and effects that really put you IN the scenes. All choices make a difference - sometimes smaller, sometimes fundamental - and they lead you into a wide range of rich and mature storylines.

The game draws inspiration from European history - mainly late 18th century - and catches the mood of a time where people are rising up against their kings and queens. However, it takes place in a world with slightly other rules and expectations, to further amplify the story's main themes. More than anything, it is a young woman's story, with everything that means. Some issues will be touched upon which are not often discussed in games, related to gender roles and expectations, sexuality, pregnancy, etc. It is also a game that tries hard to feature as much diversity as possible, when it comes to everything from ethnicity to age, physical function, sexual preferences, gender expressions, etc. It is a story that empowers all kinds of characters, in very different situations.

  • A vast number of endings
  • Deep, mature story
  • Diverse characters
  • Beautiful music
  • Unique, hand-drawn art